African Literature – Thrifting Finds At The Library Book Sale

by Ijeoma on September 16, 2013

I love thrifting!

For me, thrifting ranks right up there with reading, sleeping in and days off work. I almost have it down to a science. When you get the type of thrill I do from acquiring stuff at a steal of a deal, you soon become an expert at ferreting out bargains and hunting them down.

One of my favorites are library book sales. Move over Amazon… I used to think that getting my books on Amazon was getting the deal of a lifetime compared to buying them at a brick and mortar store (well, other than thrift stores), but then I stumbled, literally, on a library book sale. You see, I started doing so much reading that I decided that I would need to patronize my local libraries if I didn’t want to spend all my discretionary income on new books. So there I was one fine Saturday, moseying on down to the library to get my stash for the week and I saw books spilling out of the library on neat racks and shelves all around the garden and courtyard surrounding the building. Yep, it was a “Friends of the Library” book sale. All I can say now is that I have never looked back to regular retail ever since, and I am a very good friend of just about every local library in my area now… 😉

I still buy on Amazon, because of course not everything is going to be found at a library book sale. I can’t help but think that I am part of the reason there is such a dearth of physical book stores nowadays. But alas, I am just one person.

I even discovered that I could get the schedule of not just my own local library book sales but those for my entire metropolitan area. I was in heaven because “Have Car, Will Drive…” 🙂thrifting, african literature, library book sale

So this weekend I hit one up and I came back with a bounty of books. I am so excited because I found a ton of books by African authors. Some I already had on my “Must Read” list and some I just discovered there at the book sale. I basically have just stocked up on fodder for lots of future podcasts to come and I’ve already started working my way through the pile.

Right now I am reading Secret Son by Laila Lalami. Her writing is so smooth and easy flowing, the story just comes together so fluidly. I haven’t finished it yet but at this rate, it will most likely be my next book review. Okay, now back to reading…

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